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小病在身边 6

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After writing five posts in Chinese, I decided to continue writing this series in English.

After graduating from my Chinese secondary school, I have been living in multi-racial community around 7 years. I have friends from different races and different background. Not much of them understand Chinese. 

Other than blog, I also do some short updates on Instagram.
I wrote the captions in Chinese and I start receiving messages from my friends who cannot read Chinese asking if I am okay.
I appreciate every heartwarming message by them and I would like to keep my status updated to all people around me who really care about me, so I decided to write in English.

The problem is I am poor at writing, especially English.
Please do correct me (comment below) if I am wrong (misuse the language, grammar, etc.).
Let me know so that I can improve my English.

Why am I seeing a university clinic letter on Yi Han's Instagram?
Is there any thing happened to Yi Han?
Is she okay?

These are the questions that pop up in your minds when you see my Instagram update, am I right?
It is actually a post telling everyone that

The nearly two-month observant period in USM clinic has came to the end.
I will bring along all the wishes to find the truth bravely.
I am fine, don't have to personal message me.  
If there is anything, my fingers will not stay quiet from reporting.

What happened?

There were 2-3 lumps under right my chin and neck.
It was not the first time, but it was the worst on May 2017.
I could not remembered when was the first time, because I thought it was just acne like my face.
It came, I put on medicine, and it disappeared. This cycle has kept repeating for at least 4 years.

At first, I thought it was me being too lazy to put on skincare and I started to be 'hardworking' to have skincare on my neck too (which supposed to be. Always remember the neck when we put skincare on our face.).

Next, I thought it was due to the oily hair cream and I decided not to use any hair cream although I have frizzy and curly hair.

Then, I thought it was due to my hair. I used to jog around almost everyday. The weather was hot. I made my own conclusion that I am not suitable to have long hair because I could not even take care of the hygiene. Whenever the 'acne' grew, I cut my hair. Even though my boyfriend at that time disagree on me to have pixie hairstyle, I insisted. Having a pixie hairstyle does not mean that I am Lesbian ( I am not opposed to same sex relationship) nor masculine attitude. I understand that boys like their girlfriends to have feminine hairstyle, but I just wanted to get rid of the 'acne'.  

The same thing happened to my ear.
I thought it was just hygiene problem.
When I broke up with my boyfriend, I cried almost every night and the tears went into my ears.
After few months, I stopped that, but it still happened.

In the early 2017, I was very busy organising event that I lost myself.
Averagely, I slept 4 hours a day and I have no time to get myself a mask.
It was normal that I have bad skin at that time.
On May 2017, I started to take really good care of myself.
I used top recommended skin products for my skin type and tied my hair up all the times (even at sleeping time).
The result was really upset and felt my efforts had been in vain.

I went to visit USM clinic. The visits experience was updated on the previous posts.
The conclusion from the previous posts was the 'acne' shrink but I still can feel the lumps.
On 19 May 2017, the doctor wrote a letter for me to bring the case to Penang General Hospital.

20 July 2017 | Visit to Penang General Hospital

I woke up early in the morning to start my GH journey.
It was not my first time visiting GH, but it was my first time visiting GH alone. **yahoo~ level up~**

First, I went to OPD clinic.
The doctor was Chinese, studying abroad and returned Malaysia for service.
It was a less than 5 minutes meeting, but he talked a lot.
There was nothing in my ear, so the thing to cure is the 'acne' on my chin and neck.
The doctor could not see anything there, but he touched and felt the lump.
He sent me to Jabatan Pergigian.

When I reached the clinic, it was stated Jabatan Bedah Mulut.
HHHMMMMMM.... 'Bedah Mulut' really scared me.
I was given specialist (unlike ortho department that I visit different specialist for each visit).
 X-ray of my mouth was taken and need to wait for the results.
The next appointment will be next month.

This GH trip ends around 10.30 a.m.
It took me 3 hours to go through 3 department.
Speedy process.

Here's the end of the update.
Hope it answers your curiosity.
Thank you for your well wishes.
Stay tuned for the next update. <3

p/s: No photography nor videography allowed in hospital. = (
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